Anti-heat varnish

  • Destination

This is a varnish for OEM cars or auto repair, micro cars unlicensed, electric cars, sunroofs, helmets, PVC domes for motorhome, translucent roofs, the blinds and any object to be protected from sunlight.

  • Anti-heat quality

The varnish reemits infrared radiations that are heat and not absorb them
Thus the varnish reduces temperature inside the vehicle. To assess the gain, it was measured in a vehicle under sun exposure and coated with a conventional varnish a temperature of 47.7°C and coated with  varnish MONOPOL® SOLAR HI-TECH  a temperature of 36.7°C.

  • Gain in temperature

This gain in temperature is important and it improves the comfort, especially in the case of micro cars which are not equipped with air conditioning as well as helmets.
The gain is also ecological for vehicles by reducing the air conditioning: less refrigerant gas and less fuel consumption due to the air conditioning.

  • Technical

Other qualities of the varnish:
- Block the UV light to reduce the materials deterioration.
- Transmit visible light to preserve luminosity
- Surface hardness with superior strength

The chemistry of the product is from new generation using nanoparticles technology

  • Practical-uses

The varnish MONOPOL® SOLAR HI-TECH is available in different versions:
-    Waterborne, baking drying for OEM industry
-    2K HS Acrylic polyurethane for Car repair and Industry
-    2K waterborne polyurethane new generation for Automotive and Industry

The varnish MONOPOL® SOLAR HI-TECH is also available in different technical qualities:
-    Quality ANTI-SCRATCH type ceramic
-    Quality anti UV
-    Quality aspect matt HARDECO
-    Quality aspect soft touch
-    Quality glass adherence

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