Year 2013
  • Significant development of the waterborne paints and High Solids paints for Industry, Truck and Car refinishing.
  • Export development with signing of exclusive distribution contracts in many countries.
  • Popularization and extension of the Monopol Chroming System all substrates
  • Innovation with the new varnish Solar Monopol High-Tech: it is a colourless varnish or paint coating that prevent heat build-up. This product is an energy reducer and therefore a reduction in temperature: it lets in the light but reflects heat instead of absorbing it. It comes from a technology using nanotechnology. The scope is mainly the automobile, LGV, Bus, Electric and special vehicles as well as General Industry, Helmets, Special machines, Constructions like veranda, greenhouses. It strengthens the quality of our innovate line of waterborne paints for Automotive repairs ANTHEA.The product was designed by our Center for Research and Development Monopol in France prix du levitra 20mg.The application is International
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