Chrome system
Monopol, with the new Chrome System allows you the realization of all your works chrome-plate with a machine specially conceived for a guaranteed result.
  • Does not contain heavy metal.
  • Applies to any smooth surfaces: plastic, metal, wood, ceramic.
  • Reproduces the aspect of the chromium, the gold, the brass or the copper.
  • After application, it is possible to give to the chromium the wished tint: blue, red, etc....
  • Special effects like Brushed or ancient metal
  • Can be used on semi-stiff materials, contrary to the classic chromium.
  • Useful on most of the objects source.


  • Etape 1 : Application et séchage de la Base Coat Chrome A Zone.
  • Etape 2 : Dégraissage
  • Etape 3 : Pré-chromage
  • Etape 4 : Chromage
  • Etape 5 : Rinçage
  • Etape 6 : Séchage
  • Etape 7 : Application du vernis
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