The UNIVERSAL CROMATIC SYSTEM consists of unpublished colorimetric set of concentrated bases intended for the realization of colours for the industry, for the industrial refinishing, for car refinishing.
The avant-garde technology developed by MONOPOL offers with the UNIVERSAL CROMATIC SYSTEM the widest range of use of all the present concepts on the market and transforms a point of distribution into a real manufacturing paint unit  totally autonomous.

The Cromatic system in its industrial version (Lorries industry) consists of 23 tinters including 3 metallics, 36 binders which determine 36 finishes allowing to obtain various qualities of paints, from HS to MS, from the polyurethane to the synthetic, from the basecoat to the one coat topcoat corresponding to the specific needs of our profession.

The Cromatic system in its car version makes us add 48 supplementary tinters allowing the realization of opaque, pearly and metallic tints. The system so strengthened gives 71 bases, 36 binders ( 36 type of finishes), 7 hardeners and 7 thinners.

A hyper efficient software accompanies each of these two systems allowing the search for tints (more than 8 000 tints for the industry system including lorries, more than 11 000 tints for
the car system), the  preparation cost, the  weighing details, the  VOC rate of the preparation in Ready to Use, the management of the tint in a customer file, the stock valued (real time), the consummate stock, the percentage by targeting of preparation, the edition of the product label with possibility of putting the code article, the batch number, the quantity and the rate VOC of the tint, the creation and the filing of the standard tint , the correction of the errors with reformulation, data sheets, material safety data sheet (MSDS)



  • 23 Tinters
  • 36 Binders
  • 36 Topcoat
  • 7 Hardener
  • 7 Thinner
  • 23 Bases
  • 6 Liants
  • 6 Tocoat
  • 5 Hardener
  • 6 Thinner







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