Technical Departments


The food range MONOPOL was specially studied to answer the contact of food products.

Range referenced by most big cities for the protections against tags and fly posting.
Variegation and infrared camouflage range in system A21 + F61 approved by the DGA and the DSTI answering the specifications DAT 68010X003C. NATO approved.
A professional range with high covering power  specially used for the protection in extreme atmosphere, for  curative and preventive protection treatment, for the protection and the decoration of: the wall surfaces (solvent and waterborne paints), ferrous metals, wood, grounds. A specific range allows to treat your façades in acrylic finish (classic and waterproof), synthetic, plyolithe for a long-term holding.
Specific range directed to the protection (curative and preventive) and the decoration of the wood with a wide variety of tints.
A complete range of primers an topcoats specially studied for the refinishing market in terms of technology:  epoxy, vinyl, acrylic, polyester, acrylic polyester, in terms of process, in terms of productivity, in terms of profitability, in terms of environment care. The Medium Solids (MS) technologies, High Solids (HS) and Waterborne were developed in a concern of performance allying tension, gloss, covering and and opacity power.
A specific range primers + topcoats answering the standards of the decontamination
From Candy colours to chrome effect, cryogenic effects, chameleons effects and micaceous iron, the MONOPOL decoration range likes to be the widest possible.
A complete waterborne range  of primers and topcoats is at the disposal of our customers in tints ready to use  or by means of tinters + binders specially studied for the refinishing and the industry, completed by primary (synthetic, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy,  epoxy ester ) for any support. (VOC less than 70g / Liter).
The fire range was specially studied and directed to two types of protections: range M1 for the classification smoke and range fireproofs for the protection of the steel and some wood in terms to delay flames.
From primers alkyds, polyurethanes, vinyl, epoxy, to the topcoats 1K, 2K, structured, vermiculated, gloss, satin, matt, food, electrostatic, high temperature etc. The MONOPOL industry range answers any support, any type of industrial market, and in the most demanding specifications.
A high technology short range in terms of anticorrosion protection , quite typical protection of hull, antifouling and UV protection. 
Within the framework of the signs paints, Monopol offers through this range, the possibility of supplying fluorescent paints, photo luminescent paints as well as a range of road marking paints with specific security tints..
Complete range of surface treatment from:
- Cleaners: for grounds, for walls facade, for tennis courts and roofs, for the  cars and lorries maintenance.
- Scouring agents: universal in gel and in liquid, in pistol.
- Grease removers: industrials (chlorinated, alkaline, not flammable) for any usage, body industry for any type of support (metallic, Galva, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics).
- Passivation products (copper, brass  and metals), streamlining, phosphating, etching, deoxidizing, renewing (aluminium and stainless steel).
- Soaps: ecological for hands and  micro balls gel.