THE AQUA MONOPOL SYSTEM is an innovative waterborne concept  in strong pigment concentration. It offers, of part its  reduced stock and its technology, an excellent result, a strong profitability, an excellent productivity, an answer to the VOC directives and the environmental protection.


Its concept of 19  concentrated tinters for the  industry range and its 7 binders allowing the realization of finishes in direct gloss like 2K epoxy ester (anti corrosion), 1K synthetic , 2K polyurethane and base coat (matt). The extension of AQUA MONOPOL SYSTEM towards the automotive will be made with 49 supplementary tinters (opaque, metallic, pearly) and will allow to realize in version polyurethane or base coat the totality of the automotive tints.

A hyper efficient software accompanies each of these two systems allowing the search for tints, preparation cost, weighing details, VOC  rate of the preparation (Ready to Use), the management of the tint in a customer file, the stock valued (real time), the consummate stock, the percentage by targeting of preparation, the edition of products  labels with possibility of putting the code article, the batch number, the quantity and the VOC rate of the tint, the creation and the filing of the standard tint, the correction of the errors with reformulation, data sheets, material safety data sheet (MSDS).


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