The Monopol Group turnover knows a constant evolution thanks to a policy applied in several stages which had for consequence, every year, thanks to its variety, to become a complete actor of the paint world, in terms of target segments, tools of production and high technologies.
  • 2002: implementation of a strategy with 3 strong axes: distribution, refinishing, industry.
  • 2003: creation of an export department perpetuating and developing the French-speaking, Anglo-Saxon, Latin and African countries.
  • 2004: reinforcement of markets consumer building paints and development of the special markets (Army, EDF etc.) with the repurchase of PIC diprolene prix.
  • 2005: development of the motorcycle and the plastics processing industry markets with the repurchase of SORITEC in Spain.
  • 2006: launching and development of  technologic products like HS (High Solids) answering the rules on the VOC.
  • 2007: development and launching of WATERBORNE products intended for the industry and for the industrial refinishing.
Our specialized customers, our highly skilled staff, our adapted structures, contribute to the success, to the development, to the image of a Group rapidly expanding.
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