For more than 70 years, MONOPOL, French company belonging to UNIVERSAL Holding, did not stop growing to take place in the very first rank of the industrial paints manufacturers.
Always we wanted to be the multi-one paint specialist centred on:
  • The manufacturing activity: three factories specialized (AMIENS, REIMS, GIRONA in Spain).
  • The marketing activity: a team of 20 commercials on the whole national territory. An organization export.
  • The service activity: 4 agencies in France (DURTAL for the West region , NEMOURS for the Paris region, the North and the North East, VALENCE for the South  East region  and the Rhône  Alps, AGEN for the South  West region). This adapted geographical situation brings a logistics of nearness.
MONOPOL, it is also an increased presence on the World market through the follow-up of the aeronautical subcontractors worldwide, through our presence in FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES, in Africa, in Russia, in Scandinavia, in Spain, in Australia, in Great Britain, in Rumania by means of distributors or importers. With also the development of two subsidiaries: one in Casablanca for Morocco, and one to Poznan for Poland. Finally, quite recently, opening of an agency to Evergem for the Benelux.

We have, at MONOPOL, the Know-how  to bring you adapted and innovative solutions on any segment of activity: the industry, the refinishing, the aeronautics, the glass coating, the army, the building, the food coating, the surface treatment, the road marking, the fireproof coating, the waterborne paints, the decontaminate paints, the anticorrosion, the wood, the ant graffiti, the navy …

Since the beginning, we have developed MONOPOL by directing our actions around five big themes:
- The large variety and the flexibility of our range.
- The increase of our logistics of service.
- The increase of our offers products.
- The building of customer loyalty of our clientele by a constant listening.
- The confirmation of the after-sales dynamism.

The major principles of the success are:
  • Simplicity: a short range by segment of activity with possibilities of making numerous qualities by the choice of various binders with a minimum stock and a maximum customer service.
  • Flexibility: adapted ranges answering any type of supports, any type of geometries, the various materials of application and in the conditions of application multiple
  • Environment: MONOPOL has, for years, by its R&D laboratories, developed a range adapted to the new recent Decrees: ranges to low VOC, waterborne ranges answering the decrees of 1999 and 2004, the CMR and the law REACH.
  • Longevity: the quality of the developed products allows the continuity of our range, guaranteeing to our customers to have a supplier perpetuating their business with technology in conformity with the standards. Proven, adapte and successful processes guaranty a protection in the time with very high-performance finishes.
  • Economy: MONOPOL through its range, offer to his customers the possibility of reducing their paint costs in terms of products and time by means of   very high-performance anti-corrosions finishes (one coat topcoat range), a range, the shortest possible, going on any support, with successful returns.
  • Know-how: MONOPOL centred its development through men, trained, competent and dedicated to bring a diagnosis and technological answers within the framework of the optimization of the prescribed Processes. We have developed tools, audit, paints engineering, productivity plans , suggestion plans ,  improvement plans , solvents balance assessments  ,  fluids management , to bring an answer around the product in the customer's environment  and the use of its supports. This know-how crosses by the knowledge, obviously of the paint, but also the surface treatment, the material of application, spray booths, conveyors.
Result: the large variety of his customers allowed MONOPOL to increase its technology and its knowledge. The research and development in the various target segments, as the glass, the aeronautics, the industrial body with its products high solid, allow MONOPOL to enrich its technology and to make benefit the totality of his customers.

We have, for some years, thanks to the means used (creation of agencies, IT organization of the network, the specialization of our factories, commercial France organization and export with its management, people in charge of region and technical-commercial supported by specific technicians, developed our turnover by basing itself on a strategy of distribution (national cover by paint specialists And developed customers' vast network first technical horsemanship in various sectors.
  • MONOPOL, it is also a presence in the various French and European Exhibitions
  • In France: participations regular at Equip Auto exhibition (distribution exhibition), Solutrans (Industrial body Exhibition), Vinitech (wine-producing and wine equipments in Bordeaux).
  • In Germany : Automechanika
  • In Algeria : Equip Auto
  • And various  local exhibitions in Belgium and Poland.
Today, MONOPOL has a real project of development allowing to position itself as real partner on the national and international level. To take up this challenge, the MONOPOL advantages are multiple: To strengthen our partnership in the distribution, to increase our offer products by developing the range of the new technologies (Cromatic HS and Aqua Monopol System), masters of the quality of its products and its services, to stress our presence in Europe and on the international stage, to confirm the sum of talents, expertise and know-how at all his co-workers. Our ambition is the necessity of having a global strategic approach to answer the evolution of the market, the evolution of the regulations and to carry on our setting up through two major axis of our policy: an offer specialized with the direct customers and a global offer intended for the distribution.
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